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The organization of time a key to success

time organization

Time organization, one of the most important resources, non-renewable.

Like work, time is one of the pillars of success.

Absolutely all the people who succeed in life, they have learned to better organize their time and those who are not successful, they are wasting their time with activities that they not use.

Who wants to carry out what counts for him and what is really important, he must cease to be filled with “I have something to do”.

Everyone rushes. If you ask someone on the street, what are you doing? he will probably answer you, “I am busy, very busy!”

Certainly, there are very many active people, but many of their actions are not well targeted.

And many people are busy just for the sake of being busy, so busy that, they forget to organize themselves.

The price that they pay for how they spent their time and life is very high. As Eric Hoffer said: “We focus on not losing time, but neglect the fact that we lose our life.”

A successful man who manages well his time will say, “No matter how many hours I worked in addition, does it matter what I have worked in these hours”.

Such considerations give measure to our efficiency.

Therefore, in the following, I will present you 4 methods for time organization:

1. The method of a single project

For a period of a few months or one year, dedicate all your time to a single project, objective or purpose. You will choose what is more important to you and you will be fully dedicated to that purpose.

2. The method of percentage division of time

It supposed to prioritize your activities and when you assign each of it a time, to grant to the most important 40% of the time available, to the next 30%, then 20% and 10%.

3. The method of starting with what is most important

In this case, you must first solve what is urgent and important. So, in this case, you must be flexible and to start with what is urgent, interspersed with what is important.

4. The method of parallel projects

Some people can not handle of one single project for a long period because they have to work in parallel at more other projects.

They should allocate some 2, 3 days per week for one project, then another 2, 3 days for another project, depending on how many targets they want to be achieved at the same time.

Time organization, a key to success!

Therefore, taking into account such methods and applying them in our life, we will get a more efficient organization of the time, getting maximum results with a minimum effort.

Daily maximum efficiency, everyone!

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