First of all, you should become a contributor to improve your writing skills.
Second, you also have to keep in mind that once you contribute with an article, you will be visible to a broad audience. Therefore, a lot of people will know about you.
If you have experience in writing is excellent. Otherwise, you can download the writing guide to get started.
The guide contains Important steps you should follow to create a stunning article. You will also learn about SEO and how to tell a story.
There is no perfect time or moment to write an article. You can choose the time that suits you better. The beginning is hard, but once you start, you will enjoy it.
After you finish your article, you can send it to us by using the unique form upload your article.

Write an article to become better in writing

If you are looking for a chance to write an article, this is the right place for you. Universe Stars allows you to become a contributor to its website.

By writing an article, you will have the chance to promote your skills. We will guide carefully to create stunning content by applying the right strategy. We have a broad community of writers. Here is the place for you to create connections and change ideas.

If you are at the beginning of your career in writing, don’t worry. Universe Stars is the perfect place for you to start. We will train and help you to choose the right topics that will fit your style.

How to write an article

Writing an article can become tricky sometimes. We come in your help with the right steps you need to follow to make your piece of content remarkable.

Below you can download the guide that explains to you how to write an article.

It would be best if you respect our guidelines. Otherwise, you risk the rejection of your article.

Request assistance

If you need help with choosing your topic, please notify us. We have tools that can help you to write about the trending topics.

In case you need assistance for a different matter other than the one mentioned above, please send us an email.

You can contact us directly by clicking the button below or at [email protected]


  • Marketing driven content: We do not approve articles that support a particular product or service, or are created with the intention of link building to boost SEO efforts.
  • Approval notification: We will notify you about the approval of your article as soon as possible. We appreciate and thoroughly read all submissions.
  • Unique content: We encourage you to write an article that is unique for Universe Stars. Our software will detect plagiarized articles; therefore, we will be in a position to refuse your submission.

Why you should write an article - Recognition

  • We guarantee the placement of your article on the homepage of Universe Stars. Your creation will be on the home page of our website on the day it goes online.
  • Tagged posts on social media. We will distribute each of your articles on Facebook and Twitter. Either way, you will be mentioned in the post the way you want.
  • Author mentioned. We will refer you as the writer of that article. Moreover, we will include links to personal blogs, websites, businesses, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts.
  • Author profile. We will create you an author profile to display your credits at the bottom of your article and on the homepage.

Submit your article

After you finish writing your content, the next step is to submit it.

You have two options to do it

  • 1. Upload it by using the button below.
    • Your article should be submitted as a zip/rar archive.
    • Add the images you used in your article into the zip/rar archive.
    • If you don’t own the images you used in your article, we recommend you to add their source at the bottom of your article.
  • 2. Send the content by email at [email protected].
    • It would help if you respected the same criteria from point one.
    • Create a zip/rar archive with your article and images.
    • Also, please keep an eye on the source of your images in case you don’t own them. Add the source of your pictures at the bottom of your article.

We recommend you to use the first option to send your content. But if something goes wrong with the form, you can use the second option.

In case you decided to choose the second option to send your article, please insert into the email body the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Links to published articles if available
  • Short introduction about yourself

Privacy Policy

The created content will be exclusive for Universe Stars. We will not share your article with any 3rd party websites nor with other sites we administrate. If you want to know more about the way we use and process your data, please visit our Privacy Policy page. In case you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

The roadmap of getting your article published

2. Start writing

Beeing up to date with our guides, you are ready to start writing. If you need inspiration, you can create a free account on buzzsumo to follow the trending topics. You will also have the possibility to find new articles ideas coming directly from people.

3. Send your content

Once your article is in place, you need to send it for review. It will take us 24h to 48h to provide you with feedback.

You cand upload your article here.

4. Receive feedback

After we review your article, feedback will be sent right away to you. In this step, we may suggest improvements or changes to the content.

5. Apply changes if required

If your feedback contains changes, you need to apply them in this step.

6. Design and integration

After you receive the conformation that everithing is ok with your content, we will move to the next step. Internally we will create a design for your article and we will make it look nice.

7. Schedule the post to go live

Since we have everything in place, there’s nothing more to do than to choose the date when the article will go live.

Do you still have questions you couldn't find an answer to?

Please contact us at [email protected], and we will help you with any inquiries you may have.