The regret – the conviction that we lost something irrecoverable


The regret – an unfair comparison.

Today, I have chosen to develop a topic less admitted by most of us, respectively the regret.

We all have regrets, but how many do we admit this?

Very few…

But do you know why?

In order to not be considered pathetic by those around us and in order to not give the impression to others that we have weaknesses, human, after all.

However, admitted or not, the regret is a part of everyday life of each one of us.

We all have moments when we look back at our life and we feel that we have not taken the best decisions or that we wasted our time on something that does not has brought us benefits.

And then we may have a feeling of regret.

Also, we may regret the fact that we have not acted more in the direction of building something lasting, or that we have not exploited at maximum our potential.

It is good to know that the regret appears when we are convinced that we have lost something that we can no longer recover.

But is it really so?

Or the regret is only a conviction that we are shaping it through our thoughts?

I will let you meditate on this phrase.

In reality, the regrets are just some illusions.

The regret is an unfair comparison.

We, the ones of the present time, compare ourselves with us, those from the past who have chosen to act in a certain way.

An unfair comparison.

Because we, the ones from now, we are different from us, the ones from the past.

Now we have a richer experience and we have a much wider perspective than we had before.

But often, this perspective is influenced precisely by the decision that we regret.

To think that we could act differently than we did it, it is an illusion that produces us only suffering.

Because the truth is that we could not have acted differently.

We acted on the basis of the way in which we were thinking then and based on the values we had then.

Therefore, let us remember that at any time we take the decision that we consider the best for us, then.

Every experience is important for our evolution.

But, if we sink into regret, we are no longer able to progress and not even to understand its message.

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