Self-esteem, the essential element of personal development


Self-esteem, the human value, fragile and changeable.

According to Dr. Nathaniel Branden, humanist psychologist (“The Benefits and hazard of the philosophy of Ayn Row: A Personal Statement”), the self-esteem is “the ability to confront the fundamental difficulties of life, without losing hope”.

But this is one of the classic definitions of self-esteem.

The most important thing, from my point of view, is the way in which each of us perceives self-esteem.

The manner in which the self-esteem may contribute to our personal development.

How you define it?

Which are the daily actions that contribute to its level?

Surely, these questions have put you in a dilemma, especially due to the fact that certain persons have never been interested in, of this aspect of their own life.

Do not forget that a high level of it, prepares us for life, but we must fight to maintain this level at optimal parameters.

It is not to achieve a high level of self-esteem, everything is to maintain this level.

Therefore, what should we do to obtain such a level?

In the first instance, to believe that you can is a condition necessary although not sufficient.

After you are convinced that you can, ask yourself: How are achieved the extraordinary things in life? What have done the people who under very difficult conditions, have started from 0, with very many disadvantages and no one who to believe in them?

Also, the main reason why we are often lack of courage or confidence or we have a low self-esteem is because there is a word in the dictionary that brings fear in everyone’s heart, namely failure.

What nobody tells you about the failure is the fact that it is something quite natural in any learning process.

Only those who do not want to evolve and prosper in life can say: “I do not suffer failures”.

Thus, a high self-esteem favors the development of human potential.

Each of us is struggling to materialize their aspirations, to develop, to progress.

When the self-esteem is high, a man did not cease to believe that he deserves to succeed and he fights for the achievement of his purpose.

In fact, it is about an attitude that attracts the success, which confirms the confidence.

When the self-esteem is low, the person risks abandoning his projects due to the lack of tenacity, because it does not have sufficient force to achieve the success.

And the lack of perseverance is often responsible for the failures and lead to the lack of confidence.

Self-esteem, the essential element of personal development!

Fight to get the optimum level of self-esteem and thus you will know that you are in the process of personal development.

Remember that the confidence is the foundation without which you have no chance to enjoy of success in any aspect of life.