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April 11, 2015
Not Expect Forgiveness
Do not expect without giving
April 15, 2015

Bet on higher ideals without burying the gifts received

Higher ideals

In life, it is extremely important to make to bear fruit, the gifts received from God. We have the duty to bet on higher ideals, ideals that broaden our heart.

The life was not been given to us to keep it but to give it…

Personal satisfaction depends on the image we have about ourselves.

Self-esteem provides balance to our life, makes us stable and gives us the strength to act in our favor and in favor of neighbor.

It is not fair to us, to let us prey to the negative thoughts such as: “there is nothing good in my life,” “I do not look good”, “I am not so smart as others.”

There should be no place for comparisons because each of us is unique.

Saint John Paul II said: “Man is a being unique and unrepeatable.”

God gave each of us a baggage of gifts and qualities.

This baggage represents the personal identity.

The capitalization of gifts received is an act of gratitude to God.

We have to appreciate ourselves, to aspire only to the good and to have the ability to face the evil.

Giving of what we have received, makes us be full of life.

To cherish life and the gifts received we must not allow to the pessimism to take hold in our hearts.

To avoid to compare ourselves to others and to contemplate the personal qualities.

To thank God for gifts received and to fully capitalize them, for the good of the neighbor.

To have the courage to look any difficulty of life as an opportunity to grow!

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