The decisions create our future

Future Creation
Create our future

Future Creation – The amount of steps that we do,including the small ones,the future is the past that returns but on another gate all this work together to create our future.

Thus, the decisions we have taken yesterday are the present of today, the decisions we take today are the future of tomorrow.

Any decision affects our life, every decision marks our existence.

We must be very careful in the decisions and choices we make throughout the life because each of them constitutes a step, of progress or regress.

If we choose to remove certain things or people from our lives, we do it on our own risk.

Once taken certain decisions, we can not change our mind.

If we decided to continue our life by removing through our attitude and behavior some people, we must be aware that we can not give up on this previous intention.

Also, we must be aware that we can never return to the previous stage.

If we choose so, we assume all the future consequences.

This rule applies in the case of all other decisions that we have to take every day.

Therefore, we must be very careful about the decisions of our life.

We must be realistic and aware that any decision create our future, that the future is the sum of our decisions, good or less good.

Future Creation depend on us!

Have a future built on wise decisions!


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