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Prevent the fears to limit your potential

Fears Prevention

Fears prevention, the first step toward the fulfillment of the greatest dreams.

How many times have you found yourself in front of a great dream, but covered by an unjustified fear you have not had the courage to fulfill it?

How many times have you missed new chances of life, just because the fear has taken the control over your life?

How many times?

In fact?

What is actually, the fear?

According to Dex, fear is that state of deep uneasiness and disorder caused by a real or imagined danger; lack of courage, fear, terror.

Thus, once enlightened on what is actually the fear, do you think that it worth it to occupy a place in our life?

Does it represent a fundamental value of human life?

Or on the contrary is just an “intruder” that should be eliminated as soon as possible?

So, as we should eliminate the pests from our houses, so we must eliminate this harmful which threatens our performances more than we think.

Thus, to overcome fear, when we feel it, to act.

To do exactly the thing we fear.

This is the only genuine solution to banish this intruder who made his home in us: Fear.

It does not allow us to be ourselves and limits us.

It stops us, makes us hate and to hate ourselves too.

It forces us to judge and to judge ourselves too.

It makes us doubt about ourselves and others.

It makes us be anyone else than ourselves as God created us.

Because God created us from love and with love, not with fear.

Fear is the main obstacle to the spiritual evolution of human being.

Prevent the fears to limit your potential.

Fears prevention may be, the first step towards the materialization of all your dreams.

Thus, in the hope that you will manage to overcome the fear, please fulfill all your dreams!

You deserve it and you will succeed!

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