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Welcome September, the first month of autumn
September 1, 2019
September Air
Air of September
September 10, 2019

Autumn becomes a second spring when we see each leaf as a flower, let’s discover it through a top 5 of the autumn tourist destinations.

A top 5 designed to bring you the much-dreamed vacation and the long-awaited relaxation.

After a brief analysis, I managed to create this top of the best autumn travel destinations of the current year. The destinations we are going to present you, represent from our point of view the best places to go on holiday this autumn.

Among these, there are places to visit for autumn colors. So, where to go on holiday this autumn?

Lisbon – Portugal

One of the main advantages of off-season holidays is low prices. If you are looking for an affordable destination, the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is as cheap as possible after the departure of the tourists.

The sun is still shining all day, and the hotels and the restaurants compete in deals and discounts.US-Lisbon-Portugal-lisbon-1973531

Tuscany – Italy

Few countries grant so much cultural importance to the autumn harvest as Italy. The exact dates of the events changes from year to year depending on the time, but all over the country is organized Sagre (the harvest festivals) to celebrate the grapes, the chestnuts, the mushrooms and the pumpkins.

The perfect time to visit Tuscany is from mid-September to early October. During this time the temperatures are not too high during the day, and the evenings are slightly cooler.US-Tuscany-Italy-montepulciano-3112862

Ontario – Canada

If you are not part of the people who fleeing of autumn, but on the contrary, you want to enjoy the colorful transformation of nature, there is no more suitable place as Canada’s Ontario Province in September and October.

Here, you can rent a canoe to enjoy an impressive view of the maple forest and of the red oak forest.US-Ontario-Canada-ashby-lake-2650293

Seville – Spain

Known as “Spain’s hot pan” due to temperatures of 40 degrees, Seville can be a painful summer experience. But if you plan a visit here at a month, two after the season, you will find the perfect moment.US-Seville-Spain-architecture-3266791

Tel Aviv – Israel

If you do not want to drop to the bronze once with the end of the summer season, go to Tel Aviv where the summer does not end instantly. The cliff is enlivened by runners, boutiques and exceptional Mediterranean restaurants.US-Tel-Aviv-Israel-tel-aviv-2827030

Is not it sounds good?

Therefore, given this top 5 of autumn tourist destinations, I invite you to make your luggage because the sun’s early rays await you.

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