Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Big Ben tower – the emblem of the British capital

Big Ben tower - one of the most notable symbols of London. Today, I decided to introduce you a touristic attraction known in the greater...
Copacabana Sanctuary

The sanctuary of our Lady of Copacabana – a special place...

Copacabana sanctuary - a holy place, a place of spiritual discovery. It is located on a peninsula of Lake Titicaca, in the Bolivian part of...


Medjugorje Photo Gallery

Medjugorje Photo Gallery – 2015

Medjugorje Photo Gallery version 2015. Medjugorje is a town in the western part of Bosnia and Hertegovinei at approximately 25 km southwest of Mostar, closer...
Israel Photos

The Holy Earth – Israel

Israel Photos - The Holy Earth of the state Israel is a republic located in the Middle East along the east shore of Mediterranean...


Europe Day

Europe Day – the day dedicated to the European unity

Europe Day - a day which must be commemorated by each Member State of Europe. This day is an annual celebration of peace and unity...
International Workers Day

1 May – International Workers Day

International Workers Day - one day who deserve to be celebrated at a high level. Whereas the International Workers Day is celebrated each year on...


Not Expect Forgiveness

Do not expect without giving

Do not expect forgiveness if you don't know to forgive. Do not expect affection, if you find it difficult to give. Do not expect consolation if...
People Integrity

Integrity, the option between what is convenient and what is right

Although it is not easy to talk about people integrity, I decided to make an attempt, presenting you this concept from a personal perspective. Whereas...



Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning – an elementary activity of the season

Spring cleaning - an activity of which the wellness of our life depends. We all have moments when we neglect the cleaning itself, both in...