Thursday, August 24, 2017


Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia – the unfinished masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi

Sagrada Familia - one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona. Even if the vacation season is on standby for most of us, there...

Big Ben tower – the emblem of the British capital

Big Ben tower - one of the most notable symbols of London. Today, I decided to introduce you a touristic attraction known in the greater...


Romania Autumn

Autumn Landscape in Romania – Photo Gallery 2015

Live the beauty of the nature and you will be full of life. The Romania Autumn Landscape will fill your day. The Autumn Landscape was...
Sanctuary Santissima

The Sanctuary of Santissima Trinità (Holy Trinity) of Vallepietra – Photo...

The Sanctuary Santissima Trinità (Holy Trinity) of Vallepietra, a famous place with an old tradition and many events of an enormous importance. The Sanctuary of...


Europe Day

Europe Day – the day dedicated to the European unity

Europe Day - a day which must be commemorated by each Member State of Europe. This day is an annual celebration of peace and unity...
International Workers Day

1 May – International Workers Day

International Workers Day - one day who deserve to be celebrated at a high level. Whereas the International Workers Day is celebrated each year on...


Welcome 2016

Goodbye 2015, Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016 Slowly but surely, a new year has ended, another one of the many of our existence. But I would like to mention that it...
Welcome July

Welcome July, the second month of summer

Welcome July, the warmest month of the year. I think you already noticed that today is the 7th day of July. So, I have decided to...




The regret – the conviction that we lost something irrecoverable

The regret - an unfair comparison. Today, I have chosen to develop a topic less admitted by most of us, respectively the regret. We all have...