According to the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, the universe helps us to fight for our dreams, no matter how crazy it may seem, because it are our dreams and only we know what price we dreaming it.

Thus, we can arrive at any place we dreamed, all that matters, it’s that we really want this.

However, our ideals resemble with the stars of the universe, that we can not touch, but it may direct us.

Therefore, the starting point of the blog is the universe that we can discover through our travels, and all other aspects of the present world, embedded in it.

Another proposal of the present blog is the urge to travel, to discover the world created by God, the miracles left by him, to be exploited and promoted.

was conceived from the desire to discover together the universe created by God. This is a blog, addressed to all readers who want to know us and accompany us on this journey of discovery.

Saint Augustine said in one of his quotes that, the world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.

When we travel, we smile.., when we smile, we are happier…, when we are happy, we are healthy…, when we are healthy, well…, we feel accomplished.

We do not need magic to disappear, everything we need, is a destination to the universe.

Therefore, let’s discover together, our dear readers, the universe, leaving us guided by the stars.

With love, for all travelers around the world, team