Terms and conditions of use 

The following rules shall apply to all categories of users who access and navigate the site www.universestars.com, including users as well as visitors, people who post comments, people who subscribe via email, people who distribute the content, etc.

1. The accepting of the terms of use

The use of this blog and of the services it contains is free of charge, with the commitment that these terms and conditions to be respected by visitors. As a visitor and user of the blog www.universestars.com, you agree to respect these rules and you will be exclusively responsible for everything you do, about the universestars.com.

Universe Stars reserves the right to modify at any time the structure and content provided by www.universestars.com or it can suspend its operation with or without prior notice.

2. The use of the information presented on the blog

Most of the information on this blog is publicly distributed, being also situations, where the information is private to email subscribers. The content of the blog is meant to provide various objective and subjective information, related to its basic themes (travel recommendations, events, and personal development).

The information using the content of the blog, as well as putting into practice those presented in some articles, must be done taking into account the following aspect:

  • Site users are fully responsible for using the information presented on the blog and this involves using them on their own. Universe Stars is not responsible for the damages that may arise from the use of the information contained therein.

3. Property right

All articles on this blog, except for some short fragments that have quoted the source, are the exclusive property of www.universestars.com, being protected by copyright law.

Considering the images used on this blog, there are some of them that are the exclusive property of Universe Stars but also a part which is taken from sites that offer images under a free license:

Among these, we mention:

Other considerations regarding property rights:

  • The name “universestars.com” and the logo associated with the blog are the exclusive property of universestars.com and may not be used in any other way without the prior consent of www.universestars.com;
  • The owner of universestars.com reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary in relation to all aspects of the content and functionality of the blog;
  • When new content appears on the blog, it becomes the property of universestars.com except for external elements such as advertisements.

It is forbidden:

  • Marketing the information/articles assigned with universestars.com;
  • Remove the elements that are intended to associate an image or video with the universestars.com site.

4. Final provisions

The terms and conditions of this blog may be changed at any time without prior notice and will come into force from the moment of their publication on www.universestars.com.

The information presented on this page are only valid for www.universestars.com blog.