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Less means more

Remember that Less means more. I think we are all agreed that we can not do anything well if we are too busy. Who has no time for anything, does nothing. The Pareto principle 80/20 can be easily applied in life. According to it, 80% of consequences are caused by 20% of cases.

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Here and now

Happiness Presence – Here and now… Often we do not realize how fast the time passes and we feel that some moments are stolen while others simply get lost. But it is important to realize that every second that passes is one in which we can change the course of our life. We are so…

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Evaluate your faith

Never skip the Faith Evaluation. It happens sometimes to see that our life does not grow in the desired direction, it happens to see that we do not hold self-esteem, that we do not love ourselves. But have you ever asked, who is due to these feelings, these moods? Did you ever realize that the…