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Late September

Today ends a new month, a new stage…, Late September. It is possible to have been a month full of success, or a month with less success… Regardless of these issues, every month, every stage of life offers us unique experiences, which constitute steps in our evolution as a person… Even if the temperatures began…

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About happy life

We all want to have a happy life… Aristotle said that “Happiness is the sense and the purpose of our life, the only meaning, and purposefulness of our existence”. But when we think about what makes us a happy life and how we can gain more easily a happy life, we looked upset and we…

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Less means more

Remember that Less means more. I think we are all agreed that we can not do anything well if we are too busy. Who has no time for anything, does nothing. The Pareto principle 80/20 can be easily applied in life. According to it, 80% of consequences are caused by 20% of cases.