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The separation

People Separation – In a world invaded by the phenomenon of emigration, we are determined that often to live the separation… Separation of a parent, a loved person…Β and the list can go on… What feelings does attempt that person who is often forced to live without their loved ones alongside?

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Their opinion matter?

Others opinion matter. It happens that in life we interact with all kind of people. We interact with people who appreciate us for who we are and what we do, but inevitably we interact also with people who disapprove our ideas and criticize us constantly. We meet people who criticize us simply, they criticize us…

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Human shyness

Human shyness Have you ever been shy? Have you ever faced with a situation in which, its complexity, to disturb the entire universe of your own life? I’m sure that each of us has been throughout its life, at least once in a situation like this. But, represent shyness a fault, a disability, a disease?…