San Benedetto del Tronto
San Benedetto del Tronto Beach, Photo Gallery
April 17, 2019
Vidraru Dam
Vidraru Dam & Lake – Photo Gallery
June 6, 2019
Zoomarine Dolphinarium

Today, I would like to present you a photo gallery of a special attraction in Rome namely, Zoomarine Dolphinarium. As you all know, Rome is a tourist attraction that offers many historical vestiges. Despite these theories, Rome offers more than just historical ruins and ancient structures. Thus, here you can also find fun activities and exciting places for adults and kids.

One of these exciting places that you must visit when you are in Rome is the Zoomarine Water Amusement Park, also simply called Zoomarine.

It is a fantastic water park that is located in Torvaianica, Pomezia. It lies on a surface of more than 34 acres of both water and land, its specificity being that of a great combination of an amusement park, swimming pool, and zoo.

Zoomarine’s main objective is not only to give infinite fun to its public, but it is also about creating awareness about nature and fauna. This means that animals and natural elements in general are treated with respect, not just here but in general.

The Zoomarine Dolphinarium from Rome is a relaxed place, and you will observe this just looking at the people around which are truly enjoying the atmosphere.

So, without any doubt, you will have part of the same positive energy when you will be there.

Along with the many attractions from here, including the Zoomarine Beach, the Surf area, the Blue River, the Aquapark, the Pirate Lagoon, the Age of Dinosaurs and many more, there is also The Dolphins Island.

The Dolphins Island delights us through the cleverness of the beautiful mammals that perform all kind of tricks and swim happily.

Within the Island of Dolphins, you’ll get to see their performance along with their keepers. If you are in for emotions and watching dolphins gracefully act, then you definitely should visit this area of the park.


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