Young people, be revolutionaries!

Young people
Young people

The moments in which Pope Francis, addresses to the young people, he always uses strong expressions such as: “Do not look at life from the balcony”, “Be revolutionaries” etc.

At the end of the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis address to young people, these words: “I trust you, young people, and I pray for you. Have the courage to go against the tide, have the courage to be happy, I trust you! “

The period of youth is characterized by the desire to achieve great things, not to pass unnoticed through life.

A young man becomes revolutionary if he doesn’t let himself fooled by a mentality which considers him a puppet, if he does not accept to be used by various interests.

We can become revolutionaries of the spirit if we repeat that we are not born to lose.

We should not discourage us in front of a failure because the prize is won at the end of the contest, not at first.

We must be perseverant, we do not have to thank us, to look like someone, we have to strive, to become ourselves, that someone.

We have to eliminate from our vocabulary, and especially from our minds, words such as “I fail”, “I quit”, “I am not able”, “It has no sense,” etc.

We should not forget that Christ expects more from us because we have value.

He entrusts us much because we can achieve great things!

We are really revolutionaries if we model our heart, our mind and our will, depending on what Christ asks us.

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