World Tourism Day, a day of major importance.

Because among the domains analyzed in this blog is the tourism too, it seemed somehow inappropriate for me to not conceive an article about World Tourism Day.

Thus, today, in the whole world is celebrating World Tourism Day.

The day of 27 September has been declared International Day of tourism in the year 1979 by the World Tourism Organization.

This day was celebrated for the first time in the whole world in the year 1980.

Therefore, in each year on 27 September, the 150 member states of World Tourism Organization, are celebrating the International Day of Tourism.

The representatives of the WTO establish an annual topic of debate and a host country each year, putting in the foreground issues of topical.

The host city chosen for this year is Bangkok Thailand.

The main purpose of the World Tourism Day is to make known in the line of the international community, the importance of tourism, and of its social, cultural, political and economic values.

WTO defines the tourists as persons “traveling or staying in places outside the area of their permanent residence for a period of not less than twenty-four (24) hours, but not more than one year consecutively, for the purpose of recreation, business or other unrelated of the exercise of an activity remunerated in the town visited.”

World Tourism Day brought to the fore, current issues related to tourism.

The theme of this year promotes a tourism accessible to all – Tourism for all.

We all should enjoy of the statute of tourists, regardless of the health problems that we have or the financial difficulties.

We should also be aware of the importance of tourism in the sustainable development of any country.

World Tourism Day!

Therefore, I wish you a nice day in which to understand more intense the value of this day.