International day of the book

Book Day
International day of the book

World Book Day and copyright is celebrated annually on April 23, being organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright.

The first such event took place in 1995.

Also, April 23 marks the death of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, the most basic writers of world literature, as well as other writers.

Therefore, today are organized book exhibitions, public lectures and other events designed to encourage and promote reading.

I encourage you to participate in these exhibitions, for your personal development.

Also, my dears I invite you to read as much you can, to develop more your knowledge through any book you read.

We have all been, we are and we are going to be influenced at some point by a particular book or fragment.

Love books, read, develop you permanently and let yourself inspired by the wonderful passages of books.

Celebrate the International Day of the book!

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