World Beauty Day in September

World Beauty Day
World Beauty Day

World Beauty Day, celebrated every year on 9th September, is a day dedicated to all lovers of beauty.

The day of 9 September became since 1995 the World Beauty Day at the initiative of the International Committee of Aesthetics and cosmetics (SIDESKO).

But which is the main reason for the establishment of this day?

The reason might be that beauty is the factor which provides a privilege in society!

One reason quite debatable.

But in the course of time intervened auxiliary explanations in order to not understand that we are dealing with a celebration dedicated to the parameters 90-60-90.

The day of today is more a professional celebration.

However, the recent years have brought the revolutionary transformation in the field of beauty.

Therefore, it is more a day dedicated to the stylists, aestheticians, designers, fitness instructors and so on.

Those, who do not have seen the usefulness of this holiday since 1995, states that it does not matter how we look as long as we feel very good!

Today, beauty is not perceived as something being necessary, you are born with, but the result of a worry and a greater attention on our own image.

The beauty means harmony: cleanliness, information, care, health, a healthy lifestyle, and attitude.

The beauty occupies a price place in our lives.

In this day shall be conducted numerous beauty contests across the globe.

The ability of a person to perceive the beauty is conditional upon the environment in which has increased and of the education received.

World Beauty Day!

There are also writers who have mentioned the beauty in  the writing of their phrases.

Thus, the genius Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote the famous phrase: “Beauty will save the world”.

Nikolai Roerich added: “Awareness of beauty will save the world”.

French novelist, Honoré de Balzac said, “The beauty is feeling, does not fit into a definition.”

Therefore, being inspired by these phrases, to pay more attention to beauty in our life.

Be always beautiful!