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March 4, 2015
Women Day
International Women’s Day
March 8, 2015

Why should I give up?

Wondering Renounce

Wondering Renounce

Why should I give up to exist?

When life is a divine gift

Why should I give up to dream?

When there are so many miracles in this world

Why should I give up to still believe in people?

Just because some of them condemn me and judge me constantly?

Why should I give up to love?

Just because I lived more deceptions?

Why should I give up to hope?

Just because I was often disappointed?

Why should I give up to everything?

Do you think that the giving up is the saving solution in the life struggle?

How could you believe that?

Life is wonderful, living each day to the fullest, here and now!

Enjoy of the divine gift received!

Enjoy life and never give up!

I embrace you with love!

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  1. […] One of the biggest weaknesses of mankind is to give up, but to win, we must find our strength to try again. Having as a starting point this hypothesis, I would like to debate it together more broadly. The idea of giving up on something specific is created by each of us as a result of a personal failure. […]

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