Winter vacation – one of the most expected vacations of the year.

Winter in Europe comes in many forms – from the serious frost in the north, till to the mild winters in the Mediterranean, or Christmas fairs and cafes with an intimate atmosphere from Central Europe.

During this period, many of us are thinking where they will spend the free days from this winter.

If you want to go on a vacation this winter, I decided to introduce you a top with the most suitable winter vacation destinations in Europe.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

For a successful winter vacation, it is difficult to exclude the house of Hans Christian Andersen.

On frosty days you can opt for one of the bars or cafes in the city, where you can admire the glitter of snow.

In the center of the Copenhagen city, you can visit the entertainment park, from where you can buy traditional products for Christmas and not only.

2. Rovaniemi, Finland

The city of Rovaniemi from Finland, which is known as the residence of Santa Clause is characterized by a lot of stories of Christmas.

The snow and the reindeer from here reinforce the festive spirit, while the Arktikum museum reveals the lifestyle of this area.

It is a very nice city, that deserves to be visited on winter vacation.

3. Christmas markets in Germany and Austria

During this period, Germany, Austria and other countries in the center of Europe are invaded by the Christmas markets.

If you choose to go here, you will find stalls that sell all sorts of seasonal products, from gingerbread to the bells.

Such a trade fair will make you really feel the spirit of the holidays.

4. Abisko, Sweden

The northernmost place where you can reach Europe by train, Abisko is the suitable destination for those who like serious winters.

Here, the sun does not rise for several weeks in the months of December and January, but this dark makes Abisko be one of the best places around the world, where it can be seen the beautiful aurora borealis.

5. Jasna, Slovakia

In Slovakia, you will find good places for skiing, at affordable prices.

Jasna is the best resort in Slovakia, with long descents, along the forest of pines and spruces in the Tatra Mountains.

Thus, these being said, I invite you to make use of the destinations listed, in such a way as to choose the most suitable to your wishes.

Wonderful winter vacations everyone!