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September 25, 2019
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November 1, 2019

Welcome October, the month of the first hoarfrost

Welcome October

Welcome October, the month of the first hoarfrost, the month of first signs that winter is getting closer.

And look how, easy but sure we are getting closer with quick steps of the end of this calendar year.

Once we have stepped in October, we can note with astonishment that the winter cold is coming.

However, we should not think about winter yet, but to enjoy the days of this month.

Even if they tend to be more dreary and even lacking in warmth, we should not cease to make them beautiful.

Indeed, the day have downsized, the night grows, the rains have cooled.

Sun has lost his power and seems to be more and more a decoration.

But I wonder, we can not turn this decor in the ideal landscape for a different autumn?

An autumn in which to admire the rusted and colored leaves, in which to look at life through these unique colors!

What do you say?

Are we trying?

Until you decide to offer an adequate response, I would like to bring to your attention other aspects of the month of October.

Who has  time for sighs this month, when the peasants have started the crop of fruit and vegetables?

When starts the autumn plowing, the planting of flower bulbs, of shrubs and decorative bushes?

Although this month is a month of melancholy, let’s trying to not pay attention to negative thinking, but to enjoy everything that can provide this October, with good and bad.

Let’s try to look at the month of multicolored leaves from another point of view, and  to live at maximum intensity all the days that shook with them.

Welcome October, the month of the first hoarfrost!

These being said, I wish you all a new month full of joy and unforgettable experiences!

A happy October everyone!

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