Welcome March

Welcome March
Welcome March

Welcome March, the first month of spring.

Slowly but surely, a new month begins today, but not any month, but the first month of spring.

A new spring, from a new year of our life.

The spring itself symbolizes the rebirth, the rebirth of nature, the rebirth of our life, of our habits, of our entire existence.

How do you perceive the spring?

What decisions have you taken from today?

Represent for you, the day of 1 March, the day of a new beginning if you can define it so?

And here I am referring to a new beginning on any plan you propose that it would be the case to change something, to bring something new.

Even if this first day of spring, represents a new chance to change something in our life, I want to not forget that every day gives us the chance to act in this sense.

March is the month when the sun begins to shine more often, it is the month when we start to feel the first perfume of flowers, it is the month in which the smile begins to take shape.

Starting today begins a new season, but let’s try that this new season to not be just a calendar one, but also a new season of our soul.

A new season in which to be better, more smiling, a new season in which to offer more of everything we own.

Welcome March, welcome spring!

I offer to each of you a trinket through my best wishes, of health and spiritual reconciliation!

A happy spring everyone!

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