Welcome June 2017, the first month of summer

Welcome June
Welcome June

Welcome June, the first proof of the fact that summer is here.

Most of the time, most of us need a clear evidence to believe with certainty something specific. In this case, I do not think we need of more proofs that summer is here. As long as today is June 1, we can be sure that it is summer.

The summer of 2017!

The summer of a new year, full of adventure and new unique experiences! A special moment in which we must have the courage to dare something new, something out of the box! A summer of which we will remember over the years!

So, why to not do it unique?

When we have the perfect opportunity to act, and the most favorable advantages such as age, physical condition and so on, we postpone the moment.

Why do we have this tendency? Is it genetic?

We are not able to exclude this fact!

However, whatever may constitute a cause in this sense, it should be removed! We have in front of us a new summer, why should not we offer ourselves some unique moments, that we deserve?

Why should not we store new memories on the tape of our life? A tape on which we will scroll together with our children and nephews.

So why do not we make such a gift to us and to them? As a matter of fact, we should live our life at maximum intensity every day, not just only this summer or next summer because life is a wonderful gift every day.

Also, today is Children’s Day, and I want to take this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to all children, and to those with a child soul.

If we dare to look at the world through the eyes of a child it would seem much simpler.

Welcome June, the first month of summer

A wonderful month everyone!

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