Welcome April, the month which opens the gates of spring

Welcome April Photos
Welcome April

Welcome April, the month which allows the spring to burst in all its brilliance of fragrances and colors.

So, here we are my dears, in the fourth month of the year 2016, the month of April.

With what thoughts you encounter this new month?

What big goals do you have for this month?

Regardless of the nature of our expectations and of the greatness of our goals, let us not forget that every day gives us the opportunity of a new beginning.

Returning to the month of April, which starts today, it represents the confirmation that finally, winter has been defeated.

According to William Shakespeare, “April place the spirit of youth in everything around us.”

Indeed, the statement made by William Shakespeare urges us to the adoption of a youthful character, like nature that returns to life.

And by the way, in consultation with our loved ones, which is the most beautiful period of life?

Is it not the period of youth, the one that most of us, regret it, due to the fact that it was not experienced at its real value?


Thus, regardless of age which we have now, to reopen us again like stems plants.

To dare to enjoy the sun and flowers, the green branches of forests, opening our tormented soul toward the light.

To allow it to break the locks where it is sequestered and to dare more.

Also, on April 1, all the world celebrates the International Day of Fools, the day of innocent practical jokes, on which you are not allowed to be angry.

The joke is the sign that boosts the soul to be revived by the sun.

The jokes of this day are a respite, before the start of spring works.

Therefore, April is the month of spiritual and bodily purification.

Welcome April, the month which opens the gates of spring.

Give us the moments on which we dream, challenging us to fight for the fulfillment of all our goals.

A wonderful April everyone!

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