Journey to North America

Visit North America 2015
North America

Visit North America – I decided today to present you some information about the American continent.

It is saying that America represents the realm of all possibilities, thus analyzing along the main features of this continent, we will be able to confirm or refute this.

Therefore, I invite you, my dear readers to exploitation, discovery, novelty.

To seek and we will find…

North America is a continent in the northern hemisphere, located almost exclusively in the Western hemisphere.

This continent is bordered to the East by the Atlantic Ocean, to the West by the Pacific Ocean, to the North by the Arctic Ocean and to the South by the Caribbean Sea and South America.

North America is the third continent, as the surface, after Asia and Africa, and the fourth, in terms of population after Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Next, I will present you some of the main aspects that distinguish you to visit North America:

  • Mexico City is the largest city in North America;
  • Most buildings “Skyscraper” in the world, are located in Manhattan (New York);
  • The largest network of underground tunnels in the world is located in the Mammoth Cave in Kentucky;
  • The Pentagon is the largest offices building in the world and is located in Virginia;
  • The largest park in the world is the Greenland National Park and the oldest park in America is Yellowstone Park.

North America holds a vast tourism potential and is waiting for you to explore it.

In conclusion, follow your dream, travel, discover the universe, try to become a part of the American dream.

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