Let’s visit Central America

Visit Central America 2015
Central America

Visit Central America and you will find, discover and you will enrich.

Do not seek the earthly riches, but the spiritual ones, which load our soul.

Let’s seek riches in the memories and memories in all our journeys.

Today I will give you some general information about Central America, which is actually a point of connection between North America and South America.

This connection between the North and South of America is done through some mountainous and volcanic islands, which in turn are divided into 2 archipelagos or, in other words “2 clusters of Islands”, as follows:

  • Greater Antilles which include Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico;
  • Lesser Antilles including Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, Virgin and others.

Considering that Central America is mostly volcanic, it encompasses over 70 active volcanoes, half of them being active and currently.

It is recognized by the way that Central America gave the world the so-called Mayan civilization, a fact that attracts the most tourists who want to discover this part of the world.

It is also estimated that about 10 million tourists choose to visit Central America every year, in the list of priorities being mainly Costa Rica.

Central America comprises 7 States such as: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

So, if you decide to visit this part of America, I invite you to choose your favorite destination from those mentioned.

Therefore, I have presented you today a new territory, a new exploration area with unique tourist attractions, a new universe full of stars untouched.

I invite you, dear readers, to touch as much as possible stars, of the universe chosen, to aspire as above possible, so that sometime, after a continuous self-improvement of your own person, to become a coveted star, that anyone wanting to touch it.

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