Victory, the impulse to fight till the end


Victory, the full success, that is waiting for us after a special effort.

We are in the period for the completion of certain cycles of education and the conclusion of some stages of life.

So I have chosen to edit an article about what is actually behind smiles of these events.

When such a moment arrives, we tend to forget everything that was, everything we had to endure till here.

However, even if we try to forget the memories of those periods, more or less beautiful, they will accompany us always.

They will accompany us always because they are part of the road that we have traversed till the victory.

But that is not what counts, in fact.

Victory is the one that awaits us there at the end of the road.

It is the one for which we are able to make some huge sacrifices.

It is the one that conditions us the smile of the end.

Speaking from my own experience, I can confirm that in order to get there at the end of the road, where victory awaits, we have to overcome many obstacles.

The idea is to not let us never overcome by the obstacles that we meet along the way.

Because no matter if they are larger or smaller, we have to continue whatever might be.

The satisfaction that is waiting for us there somewhere is immeasurable.

For such an impulse we have as a landmark one of the quotes of Paulo Coelho that says so “When ten steps separate you of victory if you do nine you lost.”

And indeed, it is!

Because only who believes in victory can win.

Now, at the end of a new school year, regardless of the way that you will choose further, you never forget that in your side write a new beginning.

Victory, the impulse to fight till the end.

Therefore, regardless of what obstacles will we encounter, let’s take the impulse from the victory that awaits us at the end, and the satisfaction will be as expected.

Good luck to all and a wonderful summer.

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