Valentines Day

Valentines Day
Magic of love

Valentines Day…

Because, today is February 14, the day of love, I decided to bring you a smile through an article about love.

We all declare our love every day, to a neighbor person, a dear person or to the person we love.

But what love means, in fact? This feeling that brings happiness and sadness at certain moments in our lives, this feeling so controversial over time and which we humans, assign it, all kind of definitions?

From my point of view, love implies a supreme sacrifice for the loved person!

Love consists in wishing all good to that person, for whom your feelings are out of control.

When we truly love, we must be capable of anything, we must be capable of things of which we have never been aware, that we could be able to undertake them.

But what we do when we do not receive a similar love? We give up?

It is possible that a gesture like this to be interpreted as an act of cowardice, but from my point of view, we have to leave when we feel that our place is no longer beside a specific person.

Why should we feel forced to sacrifice our life, to invest feelings, for a love … that hurts?

Do never accept my dears, such an abasement.

We must be strong, to love incessantly, especially when it is a mutual love.

When we truly love, we must be capable of any sacrifice, of any madness in the name of love.

Nothing in this world does not compare with the feeling of being considered a value in your partner’s life.

Thus, do not be pleased just to receive love, learn to give with the same measure you receive or even more.

Never offer to expect something in return, simply offers and you will hold the most valuable human virtue.

In conclusion, I wish you to have a special day, full of love, full of unique and memorable moments!

Love incessantly and let you be loved, because love is the only inexpensive treatment recommended for all existing diseases.

I invite you my dears, to take heed to the call of Saint Augustine, namely

 “Love and do what you want”.

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