Traveller’s Universe

Travellers Universe
Travellers Universe

Travellers Universe

According to DEX, the universe is the world in its totality, unbounded in time and space.

The traveler represents that being, willing to discover everything that surrounds him, without limits.

The universe is of the traveler, and the traveler of the universe, because in the absence of any of these two parts, there would be no action of discovery, exploitation, and promotion. 

The universe could not exist and could not be presented, if there would not be a person that will represent the values.

The traveler could not exist without the universe which conditioned the rank achieved.

The stars represent those celestial bodies with its own light, which are indispensable to the universe and to the traveler. Without stars, it would not be possible that spiritual guidance to the wonders of the universe.

Relating to the figurative role that we would like to assign to the stars, they represent the many tourist destinations and places of worship of the world, what we want to be discovered and presented in a unique way, specific to this blog.

Therefore, our dear readers, let’s start on the promised journey, discovering the stars of the universe, to take advantage of their dual role, tour guide as well as a touristic destination.


All the best, team.

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