Top 5 of the perfect European destinations for November

perfect European destinations

The perfect European destinations, always there to energize us from season to season depending on the needs of each one of us.

There are many documentations that offer a broad categorization of them, according to the continent, each time of the year and so on.

The month of November does not make abstraction from it, so today we will present you a top 5 of the perfect destinations.

Although November is a month of the beginning of winter, this does not have to scare us.

Thus, we do not need to give up on our passion for travel just because the weather has cooled down. We must always find solutions for our passions.

Today we tried to bring our contribution to your passions.

We hope that they will help you.

Therefore, the top of the perfect European destinations that individualize the month of November is as follows:

Bangkok – Thailand

A brilliant blend of cosmopolitan life and culture, alongside Asian tradition. This is what the capital of Thailand prepares for those who choose to visit it. The urban lifestyle and the Buddhist temples can coexist together without bothering in any way.

Do you want to convince yourself?


Venice – Italy

Although it is said to be a rather expensive city, the experience you can live here does not compare to anything. So, do not hesitate to visit San Marco Square, the Doge’s Palace, one of the most beautiful Venetian buildings. At one minute’s walk is the Bridge of Sighs, probably the most famous bridge in the city.

The experience of a gondola ride can cost you about 80€, but you can also opt for a Vaporetto ride whose ticket is somewhere around 7€.

Could you lose such an opportunity?


Budapest – Hungary

Starting November 10, in Budapest starts the winter and the Christmas Fair from Vörösmarty Square opens. Typical stands in the form of wooden houses, the smell of traditional cookies and the cinnamon-flavored wine are already a tradition.

Would you like to miss this?


Malta – The Blue Lagoon

With a weather of an immeasurable perfection and a history ingrained in every stone, you will remember at every step of the way, that you are on a Mediterranean island. Malta has been ranked the third best place in the world for diving, and yes, you can swim alongside with fish and embrace the coral reefs even in November.

Sounds tempting, is not it?


Thessaloniki – Greece

Greece will always be old in years, but young in the soul. Thessaloniki is the capital of the district of Macedonia and is the second largest city in Greece. It is also called the Bride of Thermaikos or the city of Saint Demetrios. It was built around the bay of Thermaikos and is surrounded by the hills of Hortiatis. The city is full of monuments of the Roman, Byzantine or Christian period.

Some history does not hurt, right?


These being said, do not hesitate to plan your November escapade taking into account this top of the perfect European destinations, presented.