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February 14, 2019
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April 17, 2019

Top 5 European destinations for a spring escapade

European destinations

The spring makes its presence, and at this time of the year, the romanticism of the European destinations becomes more and more attractive for tourists from the entire world. Rich in culture, arts, music, and especially dream destinations for every tourist looking for romanticism, Europe delight their visitors with the beauty of the season.

Therefore, today I thought to introduce you to the top 5 of the most recommended European destinations for a spring escapade.

This top is as follows:

Montreux – Switzerland

On the eve of spring, the attractive Swiss Riviera embodies the beauty of nature.

The beautiful scenery that surrounds Montreux obsesses the photographers and the tourists alike giving them an impressive variety: high mountains, the waters of Lake Geneva as clear as the crystal and a stunning panorama over the snowy peaks of Mont Blanc.Lake Geneva

Matera – Italy

Matera is the definition of the chaotic mixture of adjacent buildings and of the general air of peace and silence, almost bizarre for the narrow streets of a southern Italian town. Being one of Italy’s oldest inhabited settlements, the historical center of Matera is a treasure that houses Baroque palaces, Roman-style churches, and many other great attractions.Matera Italy

Copenhagen – Denmark

Spring is the season that marks the beginning of a year of architectural and design exhibitions in Denmark, making this period one of the most exciting in choosing Copenhagen as a holiday destination.

A tour of the city has to begin with Hotel D’Angleterre, which was inaugurated in 1755 and is one of the city’s tourist symbols. And if you have come to Copenhagen, you have to spend the afternoon in Blue Planet, Europe’s largest aquarium.Copenhagen Denmark

Budapest – Hungary

The capital of Hungary is one of the favorite tourist destinations this season. Budapest offers a lot of ways to spend spring breaks, from thermal baths, popular beers to an exuberant atmosphere, especially for tourists. A boat ride on the Danube and a romantic dinner on board can be a romantic way to spend an evening in Budapest.Budapest Danube

Amsterdam – The Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts its tulips and has reasons for this because these beautiful flowers are a huge business. In addition, in spring, these flowers are also one of the main attractions for tourists around the world. Visit the Netherlands this season and take bicycle rides in the rural areas near Amsterdam to admire the huge fields cultivated with multicolored flowers.Amsterdam Netherlands

Therefore, do not hesitate to program your spring escapade in one of these European destinations, which is distinguished by unique and enchanting attractions.

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