Personal development
Personal development
July 15, 2015
Accept the changes
Accept the changes
August 18, 2015

Tenacity and stubbornness


Tenacity is a laudable attitude that makes us persevere with courage on the predetermined road, without leaving us affected by the difficulties that we encounter.

On the other hand, the stubbornness it is bad.

This prevents us from putting into question our initial orientation and to continue our way without changing us.

It stubbornness is one of the forms which it may take our pride.

Most often we find it very difficult to recognize our errant human condition.

Therefore, to reflect on the aspects mentioned above, to learn the difference between tenacity and stubbornness and to choose the attractive attitude to our own existence.

Let us remember an old proverb, applying it to our lives “To wrong is human, but to persevere in my own mistake is diabolical”.

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