Stress management – the ideal way of personal discovery

Stress management
Stress management

Stress Management – the most suitable solution in order to exploit our own potential.

Have you wondered how many times you were unable to fulfill some of your dreams just because you did not know how to control your emotions?

Why did I choose to mention emotions in this paragraph?

Because the stress management automatically leads to the management of emotion.

Stress generates emotions.

But in fact, what is the stress?

The stress is a complex psychological phenomenon resulting from the confrontation of the person with requirements, tasks, situations which are perceived as difficult, painful or of great importance to the person concerned.

Stress management, the main topic of this article, is the individual’s ability to cope with everyday pressures.

Through stress management is seeking initially to identify the causes of these pressures and then the rebalancing, the reducing of prolonged reaction of the body to the internal and external factors causing the stress, by applying some specific techniques.

On the other hand, Hans Selye which has dedicated to the study of stress has concluded since 1956 that the stress is not necessarily something negative.

The characterisation of stress as being negative or positive shall be made by each of us individually.

Also, up to a certain limit, the stress is even necessary to our activity such as, for example, for our protection in the case of the necessary reactions to avoid a road accident, by the mobilizing of all resources of the organism.

But on the other hand, sustained stress causes many diseases of the body.

The stress factors are found both, in the everyday life of the individual and in his psychological environment.

The understanding of the way in which we respond to stress is essential for the implementation of techniques for the management of stress.

There is, of course, several perspectives by which it can be approached the concept of stress.

Thus, we can notice that the stress management represents the ideal method for the personal discovery.

By combating of the stress, we will be able to discover our true potential and the true resources that we have to succeed in life.

Resources that have been hidden from us by the stress.

Therefore we must try to manage in a manner more appropriate the stress, thus managing to regain the life we deserve.

Stress management – the key to absolute happiness.