Spring cleaning – an elementary activity of the season

Spring cleaning
Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning – an activity of which the wellness of our life depends.

We all have moments when we neglect the cleaning itself, both in our homes and in our lives.

We do not neglect this activity from disinterest, but from lack of time, capping or hesitation.

We often hesitated to clean our homes as we hesitated to clean our lives.

We tend many times to keep things that we are aware that we will never use again, but we refuse to throw them away.

In the same way, we continue to remain stuck in toxic relationships for our evolution and to maintain in our lives, friends which stagnate our ascension.

But what are the causes of these actions, lacked inspiration sometimes?

I believe that the biggest cause is the fear of the unknown.

We are scared of what turn could take the things after a momentary decision.

We are afraid of the way in which our life will change.

But why so many fears? When we are aware of the fact that behind of any difficult situation of life may be our true happiness.

Thus, the first step of spring cleaning could be the remove of these fears.

Let’s remove from our life everything that stops us from being as we want to be.

So, a proper spring cleaning always starts with a first step.

Once made the first step, the others come by themselves.

Full of confidence in our own forces, we can continue to evacuate all the useless things from our home.

Then we can continue the action in the rooms of our own life. And try to apply the same method.

Let’s remove the dust and to empty the racks in order to be able to make space for the new people and things that looking forward to entering in our lives.

Because of the lack of space, they have somehow postponed the moment.

Spring cleaning – an elementary activity of the season!

Therefore, let’s try to look at the spring cleaning as an activity of which our life is dependent on.

Give it the right attention, do not avoid it, and thus you will find the happiness!