Transform yourself into a smile

Smile Transformation
Transform yourself

Smile Transformation – To smile in a world so sad and somber is the most precious gift you can make to the universe.

The universe will be grateful for every smile offered as a thank you, for your life, for your existence.

We have an advantage in terms of this personal action, namely that we do not have to respect any strict rule to smile, to change so, the mankind approach.

Also, we do not have to justify for our smile, we do not have to ask permission, we do not have to sign papers, we do not have to pay any tax on…

Because the smile does not imply additional costs, I propose you something.

Transform yourself into a smile, turn your life into a game of smiles.

By accepting this challenge, adopting this attitude, your life will acquire a new meaning, full of color and beauty.

Catch the society with your smile, be better, more sociable, more charitable, and so we’re going to build an ideal society.

Smile daily to the universe, smile to the stars!

Transform yourself into a smiling star!

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