Share your ideas

Share Ideas 2015
Share your ideas

Share ideas and regain your due position in society.

As the weekend approaches, I thought that this time to propose you a new challenge, namely to have the courage to share your own ideas.

It happens often to find ourselves in certain circumstances of life in which we feel that we have a brilliant idea on a topic or a theme, but because of the lack of courage, we prefer to keep just for us.

Can we momentarily consider that, if we expose our idea, we will be rejected, criticized, ridiculed, and so the only solution that we choose is to let others to assert and we choose the anonymity.

Do you think that this is the most optimal choice?

I invite you to reflect on all these during this weekend, so to start a new week in strength, in which to share all the brilliant ideas that we have.

A pleasant weekend everyone, full of inspiration!

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