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September 3, 2019
September month
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September 25, 2019

Air of September

September Air

And here we are how, after an extremely hot summer, we stepped in the first month of autumn of this year… and we feel the September air.

What inspires you, September?

With what stages of your life associate this month?

I offer you a time to reflect on these questions and to give yourself the most honest answers…


Because the air of September is a particular one…with specific odors and colors…

Also, I would like to caution you on the fact that it is possible to become a little grumpy this month, so I urge you to control your nerve impulses.

These statuses are normal, mainly due to sudden climatic changes.

Therefore, try to master and capitalize on the air of September only in a beneficial way…

The entire team wishes you a prosperous month…

Take advantage of the special days of this month and begin actions worthy of praise.

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