Do not waste a second chance

Second Chance
Second Chance

Each of us deserves a second chance, even if on the first one we did not deserve it.

I wish that at the beginning of this week to debut with an article on a theme least controversial, namely a second chance, in life, relations and any other area of the existence.

So, starting from the title of the article in question, I wish to warn you by the fact that if we are sufficiently lucky to get a second chance to not waste on it too.

But what means, to waste in this case?

To waste, in this case, refers to the fact to not repeat the same mistakes of the past, to not lose this second chance too, in the ridicule way in which we lost on the first one.

Surely, we all have lost major opportunities in life and we continue to do it.

However, let’s change our mode of action, interpretation, and of reactionary.

All these, so that in case we fail on the first attempt, we can hope to the fact that we will be able to take advantage of the second opportunity.

We all make mistakes, but you must be aware of the fact that the seriousness of our mistake can lay at the basis of granting\not granting such a chance by a specific person.

So, if we tend to make mistakes often, to strive however that they to fit in certain limits established in advance.

We must also be aware of the fact that by the grant of a second chance we take a risk. Because it does not always mean a happy ending, but can only be a chance to complete the things in a correct way.

Personally, I can tell you that I am a proponent of such a chance, but I do not think that everyone deserves it.

As I have mentioned above, there is a limit regarding of any aspect of this life.

How prepared are you to give a second chance?

Therefore, grant a second chance only when you are almost certain that the person in question will not waste it.

And if you are unsure, you have to risk, even if this means a possible unscheduled suffering.

Do not waste a second chance!

Every day gives us a second chance! Do not waste it!

A week full of opportunities!