Santorini, the Cretan island, preferred by lovers.

Santorini, the heaven on earth and the perfect vacation destination.

With such an introduction, certainly, I have aroused you the interest for the article that follows.

Despite the fact that currently there are dozens of articles on the internet about this island, I have decided to make, such an article in a manner more authentic.

I do not deny the fact that the initiators of other articles have wanted to address the subject in a similar manner.

No, I just want to mention the fact that every person has a unique way to approach and expression.

So today I want to introduce you to this wonderful island, Santorini Island.

I do not think there are currently people who have not heard about it.

But however, I will realize a general presentation required anyone anytime.

Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea belonging to the Cyclades archipelago, Greece, with a population of 13.600 inhabitants.

The capital of this island is the Ancient Thira.

In the middle of the island is a lake with blue water which has formed on the place of a very old volcano.

According to the legend, it has destroyed the continent lost, Atlantis when erupted, now 3500 years, burying the ancient city of Akrotiri.

Although Greece has many other attractions that can be explored anytime, Santorini is a favorite attraction for the honeymoon.

Santorini is a reborn legend with unique and colorful beaches, with wild landscapes, with volcanic rocks, with great cliffs, with villages and picturesque towns.

Due to its unique landscape and beyond, this island has become a destination increasingly sought, especially as I have said, for the honeymoon.

What makes it so special?

A question to which each of you, who visited this destination will provide an answer as special.

The unique and wild beauty of the island attracts annually thousands of visitors, of which a large part, famous personalities, and artists, who are looking for a holiday more special.

Beaches form a vivid kaleidoscope.

Three of them (Perissa, Kamari, and Monolithos) are really unforgettable.

They are distinguished by a volcanic sand, black and deep waters.

In the immediate vicinity is the famous resort with hotels, cafes, bars on the beach, restaurants, etc.

The nightlife from here attracts the young people from Thira, the island’s capital, from where you can admire the unique view of a submerged volcano.

The lovers of exotic can go on foot or ride on donkeys.

For those who prefer to walk the cobbled streets of the island, Thira is an amazing blend of Venetian and Cycladic architecture.

With a touristic infrastructure intensely developed, with the mood of the inhabitants, with a specific gastronomy, with nightlife, luxury hotels, beaches and amazing archaeological sites, it will never cease to attract tourists from all over the world.

Santorini, the paradise at the foot of the gods!

These being said, I urge you to not hesitate to visit this amazing island, the perfect choice for those who are looking for a perfect place to relax.

Choose “a luxury vacation on a volcano”, choose Santorini!