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May 21, 2015
Never Late
It is never too late to take it over again
May 25, 2015

Saint Rita, the patroness of the desperate cases

Saint Rita

Saint Rita was born in the year 1381 in a distant corner of Umbria, in Italy at Roccaporena, Cascia.

She grew up in the fear of God, alongside her older parents.

She respected so much the authority of her parents that, to make their will, she gave up the idea of entering the monastery, accepting to marry a violent young man, Paul Ferdinand.

Through her kindness, Rita manages to change her husband for the better, but the latter is unable to escape his enemies threats.

One night, someone announces Rita that her husband lying dead on the side of a road.

At that moment, the two twins, have vowed that they will avenge the death of their father.

Rita tries to convince them to give up this plan, but her efforts were in vain.

At that time, Rita has found the courage to ask God to call them to Him earlier, rather than allow them to staining their hands with a crime.

Humanly hard to understand, her prayer was heard.

Remaining without her husband and her children, Rita goes and knocks at the door of the monastery of Augustinian nuns of Cascia, but her request was not received.

Returning home, she prays for a long time to her three protectors: St. John the Baptist, Saint Augustine and Saint Nicholas of Tolentino.

Thus, one night the miracle happens.

To Holy Rita, appear the 3 Saints and they invite her to follow them, they remove the monastery gate, well secured with locks and lead her in the middle of the chapel, where the nuns were doing the prayers of midnight.

Thus, Rita was intercepted in the monastery, she dressed the monks clothes, fulfilling ultimately the childhood dream, to devote herself entirely to God.

Rita had a special devotion for the sufferings of Christ, and she wanted to share the sufferings of the Lord.

Therefore, the pains of Christ became the main theme of her prayers.

Her prayer was heard again, and in 1432, while she contemplating the crucifix, she felt a thorn from Jesus’s crown as it was stuck in his forehead.

The thorn has caused her a deep wound that became purulent and malodorous, making her withdraw from the other nuns.

On May 22, 1457, Saint Rita dies, remaining one of the most cited figures of holiness.

She was beatified only after 180 years after her death and proclaimed “Saint” only after 453 years since her death.

St. Rita’s body has not been buried and it never experienced the rotting.

The incorrupt body of St. Rita is in a transparent ballot box, exposed for veneration to the countless believers in the Basilica sanctuary, “Saint Rita de Cascia”.

The devotion to the Holy of impossibilities not delayed to spread worldwide, Saint Rita interceding for us the graces we need.

The feeling of being there, in that holy place, watching the incorrupt body of Saint, cannot be compared to anything in this world.

Watching her, you expose your desires, your pains, your weaknesses and you believe like she believed that everything would be fine.

Being there, you actually reload, without putting on doubt any of your requests.

You turn into another human, visiting the sanctuary of Cascia.

You acquire that absolute trust in you, through Saint Rita.

Do not hesitate to visit this sublime sanctuary.

Entrust your life to Saint Rita, the Saint of impossibilities.

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