Reading international day – the necessary action to the life of the soul

Reading international day
Reading international day

Reading international day – a reasonable reason to remind us of the importance of reading in our life.

The day of 16 February of this year, marks the reading international day.

This day is celebrated annually in over 100 countries, starting with 2012.

To mark this important day, several libraries, schools and not only, organizes several sessions of public lectures, to which many readers and actors are invited to read with the children.

This type of events and more others, organized at the international level are intended to encourage the children, the young people and the adults to celebrate reading in public.

Even if the reading is celebrated today, we must give it the deserved importance in any day of the year.

Let’s celebrate reading properly today, but to not neglect it in the next period.

Because reading represents a small pleasure of life, which can open us the horizons of knowledge.

Also, if we try to look at in depth, we will notice that reading has real benefits, that we, the readers, can take full advantage.

And now I suppose that you have a question…

Which are in fact the benefits that reading can offer me?

  • Well, first of all, it offers us a vast general culture;
  • A fluency speech and coherence;
  • A developed analytical thinking;
  • A better memory;
  • A rich imagination; The imagination enhances our ability to predict and to build hypotheses.
  • A source of information;
  • Relaxation;
  • Can cure a depression; Therapy through books reduces stress and helps us to become more optimistic.
  • Improves interpersonal relationships; We learn to become more sociable.
  • Removes boredom and refreshes the mind; Reading, we will acquire a harmonious personal development.

Reading international day – an inexhaustible wellspring of information.

Let’s not forget: “Education is the one that can change a nation, and the foundation of a good education is the reading”.