None of our prayers is not lost

Prayer Presence
Our prayers is not lost

Prayer Presence is magic!

I wish that at the end of this week to reflect together on an extremely important aspect of our life, namely the prayer.

There are very many people who give up to pray more, starting from the premise that, if they do not get what they are asking in the shortest time, they are praying in vain.

I pity these people because they should be more confident in God.

We must be more aware of the fact that none of our prayers is not lost.

Whatever the answer to our prayers, every contact with God bears fruit in our lives.

When we live the prayer, we allow to God to deepen in our hearts.

When we live the prayer as a battle, when we persevere in prayer, when we would want to interrupt it, when we smile to God in the physical or moral attempts, we have the duty to believe that He enjoys of this act of generosity and He will reward us hundredfold earlier or later, in His divine manner, in infinitely.

Therefore, let’s cease to be skeptical and to pray more profoundly as every moment of our life to introduce us more in the depth of the mystery of God.

A wonderful weekend everyone and don’t forget about the Prayer Presence!


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