Should I be ashamed?

Personal Shame
Should I

Personal Shame 🙂

Should I?

Because I have always had the courage to look at life with dignity?

Because I refused to lean my head in front of prejudices and because I have always expressed honestly my point of view?

No, never … but, on the contrary, we must feel proud because we expose in front of the society exactly as we are, without any mask on our face!

A possible mask, has the role, to present us to the society, under a fictitious role and not a real one.

Thus, my dears … which is the role that you want to play in front of others?

The fictional or the real one?

The one that offers you an advantageous position or the one that represent you concisely and clearly, exactly as you are, with good and bad?

Should I be ashamed of my real role or rather of my fictional role?

What do you say about this?

Of the real one, would probably answer most of you, because it represents the reality exactly as it is…

Personally, I think that rather we should be ashamed of our fictional role because it presents a false reality … a reality whose main purpose is actually the blackmail.

Fight my dears, so that, you integrate into society, by playing a real role on the stage of life.

Fight, fight, fight…

Be honest, serious and pragmatic … because these are some of the features essential to succeed in life.

Do not be ashamed of your own life, do not invent things, just to be perceived in a certain way by people.

You do not have to care about what other people think about you and about your own life…

For you, must count just one thing, namely that, you live an honest life, of which you should not be ashamed, regardless of its social level.

Although we got to live in a society where people appreciate more the social status of a person than the person itself … you do not have to care about this thing.

Do you never abandon the fight, be strong and do not forget that, no matter what other people think about you … important is that, I know who I really am…

Therefore, as long as I know who I really am, I will live the most exemplary and decent life.

Be proud of what you represent…fight to become that unique, wonderful and indecipherable star of the universe.

Hide your personal shame.

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