Stop living for others, start living for you!

personal life
Start living for you

Personal Life – Start living for you! We all have a life, a unique life, which gives us the possibility to organize it as we wish.

To all of you I think happened often that others to “order” you how you should act in certain situations!

We all are bombarded daily with “best advices”, “best ideas” etc…

But it is enough!

I do not want to underestimate anyone, no, but there comes a time in life when the only person able to decide for myself, I am just Me and none else.

We do not have more lives to live according to each existing conception, we have just one life and we must have the courage to live it according to our own conception!

Let’s stop to live for others, to please others and to start living for us, to satisfy our every desire, to fulfill our every dream!

Be the masters of your lives!

If you are going wrong or not, is your life and you have no obligation to report anything to anyone.

You do not live for the world, as well as any the stars do not live for the sky…

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