Personal Humility

Personal Humility 🙁

How many times in your life have you adopted the attitude of a humble person?

How many times have you resisted the urge to respond to challenges with hatred, revenge or threats?

How many times?

The answers…?

It’s hard to believe that I will be able to understand them because I admit that sometimes, I find it hard to adopt such behavior.

It’s hard to be humble, but not impossible!

We all have the impression that to be humble in today’s society is tantamount to being submissive, weak, vulnerable at people’s attacks.

Everyone is counting on the fact that we do not win anything anymore if we do not show who we really are, and we do not impose in front of others persons.

You must shape our character, because being humble does not mean to be dumb, but an example worth to follow.

People’s humility is endangered, a fact underlined particularly by the continuing conflicts publicized, by violence from movies etc.

The population prefers to violate any rule of human morality, to favor inhumane behaviors, just to be cool and praised for their style.

But is it a style according to Christian education?


Why are we deluding ourselves?

Why do we accept to be arrogant just to be considered cool in our circle of friends?

Humility is the balm of human relationships, the required balm for our happiness.

So, let’s try to rediscover the joy of simple gestures, such as a smile, a caress, an encouragement, an advice…

Be humble and you will find the key to supreme happiness!

Do not resort to gestures that can darken your soul, be yourself and you will not regret.

Therefore, I urge you to follow together one of the advices of Pope John Paul II, who said that “If someone would tell me that in order to succeed in my plans would be sufficient to kill an ant, I wouldn’t kill it”.

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