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October 12, 2016
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October 21, 2016

The way to personal happiness – our true nature

Personal happiness

Personal happiness, a subject on how inconsequential on so controversial.

How many of you truly know the meaning of happiness?

In fact, what is actually the happiness?

According to most existing dictionaries, happiness is that state of intense and full contentment.

Taking this definition as a reference point, let’s start together to discover the way to personal happiness.

When was the last time when you were happy with yourself?

When could you say with the smile on your lips – I’m happy with myself!

Some people more often, others less often, depending on life circumstances.

However, we must find anytime around us those ways to achieve personal happiness.

Moreover, I think in everyone’s life there are moments in which we expect to receive the right to the “slice of happiness” that we deserve, but we continue to live our lives in the same way and in the same small area that we know.

Often we find ourselves stretching our hand to happiness, pushed by our heart that craves for it every moment.

But just at that precise moment, when we are about to touch it, we remember that we can be caught, punished, excluded, if we dare too much.

What caused us this way of thinking?

When happiness is my right, yours, and of each of us.

Being happy has become a life project, a major challenge.

Because, if you choose to be happy, you have to overcome your own limits, you need to aim for highest heights.

Often, unconsciously, we make decisions that bring us in life situations full of suffering.

But if we are honest with ourselves, we realize that no one asked us to suffer on his behalf.

Most of the times we take such decisions, thinking that in this way we help.

We do it with love.

But in the majority of cases, this love does not serve to anyone.

Thus, we learn to put some limits and we begin to no longer feel guilty, when we just want to live our lives and not on the others around us.

In this way, we begin to plant in our heart the seed of a new life, the promise that we will find the way to happiness.

That way to happiness which will help us to discover the real meaning of life.

But who can give you the permission to be really happy besides yourself?

It is a right which shall be assumed, but often we do not even realize that we are entitled to some happiness.

The way to happiness must be a conscious choice of each of us.

So, discovering that only we ourselves are responsible for the discovering of the happiness way, what are we waiting for?

The way to personal happiness!

To offer ourselves the chance to feel everything that should be felt in this life.

To offer ourselves the joy of living the intensity of each moment, as life brings it to us.

Because these represent truly the happiness in its purest form, at which we all have access, anytime, anywhere.

For more information about this topic, I invite you to visit,  where you will find an inspired guide to the way to happiness and many others materials about the same topic, that truly can help you to have a better life.

Good luck!

An inspired weekend everyone!

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