Integrity, the option between what is convenient and what is right

People Integrity
People Integrity

Although it is not easy to talk about people integrity, I decided to make an attempt, presenting you this concept from a personal perspective.

Whereas the integrity is a basic quality of the today society, I thought to introduce you today an article about this subject, seemingly trivial, but full of meaning.

According to the information which you own, what is for you the integrity, this concept, more or less publicized and understood?

Do you have integrity in the society where you are and where you work day by day?

Complex questions that put you in a certain dilemma before offering an answer honestly and concisely.

Indeed, but every question has an answer, as every problem has a solution.

Therefore, let us take a look at what is, however, integrity.

Integrity is a concept that refers to the consistent actions, according to certain values and methods that can be verified by results.

Integrity represents honesty and fairness and is evaluated by the precision of someone actions.

Integrity express virtues, feelings and personal beliefs application without any discrepancies between statements made and personal example.

Thus, the concept of integrity implies that in personal and professional relationships to be fair, just and honest, to act honestly and in accordance with reality, to not use wrong information and so on.

As a result, the integrity represents an option between what is convenient and what is right toward ourselves or toward the society.

What would you choose?

What is convenient? Or what is right?

Would you choose the integrity?

Would you like to be respected and praised for the integrity that you demonstrated?

If the answer is yes, then choose further integrity, so that your thoughts to become words, and your words to become facts.

To do what we promise to ourselves and to the others.

To keep our promises and the facts to speak for themselves.

It is hard to talk about people integrity, but I tried to do it.

I invite you to follow my example.

Therefore, the integrity represents a choice, an option, but I am asking you to do a wise choice.

Be with integrity, in a society in the process of falsity.


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