Orsay Museum, an extraordinary museum with an interesting architecture.

Undoubtedly, any tourist attraction is unique in its own way, through the features and the history that it holds.

Although, sometimes travelling can represent a luxury for some of us, a visit to a special touristic location, can change your entire outlook on things and life.

Therefore, such a sacrifice is worth it.

Why I insist on this aspect?

Because every trip, every discovery has its role in our development as persons.

We will be different from year to year, by tourist attractions discovered, which may have a remarkable impact on us.

This being said today I want to introduce you the Orsay Museum in Paris, one of the most visited museums in France.

The building that hosts the Orsay Museum is a former train station, the Orsay train station, built in time for the Universal Exhibition of the year 1900.

The former train station and luxury hotel, the Orsay Museum is now one of the most visited museums in France and in the world.

Located on the opposite side of the Seine from the Louvre Museum, the structure of 188 meters in length, 75 meters wide and 32 meters in height it is displayed under the name of “Orsay Museum”.

In 1986, Victor Laloux’s magnificent building was reopened as the Orsay Museum.

The role of this museum was to present all the arts from the period 1848-1914 in the context of contemporary society.

The vast majority of the exhibits from the Orsay Museum come from the Louvre Museum.

The main attractions from here are:

The architecture of the building, The paintings of Van Gogh, Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia by Edouard Manet, Degas dancers, Jane Avril dancing by Toulouse-Lautrec, Dancing at the Moulin from Gallete by Renoir, The beautiful Angela by Paul Gauguin and Cafe Hauteurs.

The three floors of the gallery include distinct works so on the ground floor are early works, oriental remarkable works, decorative arts and a library.

On the next floor are symbolist and naturalist paintings and on the upper level are the works of impressionists and post-impressionists.

The transforming of the abandoned former train station into a museum was a great challenge, both technologically and aesthetically.

Organised on 3 levels, the museum Orsay has over 80 rooms or galleries and hosts constantly approximately 4000 works of art.

It also organizes temporary exhibitions and is composed of an auditorium, cafes, and restaurants.

So, let’s discover the Orsay Museum, an immersion in the artistic creation of the years 1848-1914.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to include in the itinerary of your next vacation in France, this touristic attraction, which exhibits an amazing variety of paintings, sculptures, furniture, and photos.

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