Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

Not Let Tomorrow
Do not leave

Do not let tomorrow..

Have you ever notice how sad are the nights without stars?

Have you ever thought how would the world be without light?

Definitely too few of you have ever addressed this kind of questions…

If someday the sun would postpone it rising and the stars their occurrence, the whole progress of the world would be disrupting.

So it happens with us…

If in one day we do not fulfill our duties, our entire life is disrupting, but we do not realize the true cause.

Procrastination is often the main cause of the regress of our own life.

But have you ever thought how would the world be if each of us would perform their duties at the right time?

Many people do not live the present moment because they always expect the last minute to complete their work.

The result of this procrastination is a continuous running and the motto of these people could be: I arrive!

When you are asked a favor of this kind of people, they are never available because they always have an another emergency.

On the other hand, experience shows that the most available persons are generally the most well organized.

Therefore, to have an enviable life, to avoid procrastination, let’s organize our time, and let’s focus our attention on the present emergencies.

Do not let tomorrow for what we can do today.

Because not even the sun does not procrastinate it rising for tomorrow…

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